Finding Food

I brought the kitten home. It made itself at home in my apartment. Good thing John doesn’t live with me. I have been spoiling this cat like crazy! I decided to go visit that pet store on Buckle Berry lane to see if I can find the perfect food for my lil kitten.

I stepped into the pet store and I heard the door do a lil ding-dong. “Hello and welcome to The Pet Store, can I help you find something?” I heard a farmilar voice.
“Hi Donny. It’s Maria. I’m looking for a food for my kitten. Do you think you could help me find the perfect one?”
“Sure.” He replied. He walked me over to the cat food asile. He started jabbering and before I knew it i was leaning all over him to see the asile he was pointing to. He handed me one of the food bags, smiled and stood up. I took and it and stood up. We walked over to the check-out counter, he rung me up, I payed.
How come he took no interest in me? I wondered as I walked home. I’M JOHN ’S GIRLFRIEND , I just have to keep reminding myself and Donny might not seem so cute!

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