Ellette walked through the castle garden. Earlier that morning her mother and father announced they had something wonderful to tell her at lunch but Ellette couldn’t help thinking that she wouldn’t like the news as much as they did. She had a way of telling these things, she just knew.

The tower clock chimed. ‘Lunch time,’ she thought taking a deep breath. She climbed the castle stairs and followed the hallways to the dinning room. Her mother and father greeted her with a big smile. She smiled back half heartedly and took her seat at the table.

“Oh, I can’t wait any longer!” her mother burst out. “Your getting married!”

Ellette dropped her spoon, her mouth wide open. “What?!”

“Your getting married dear, aren’t you excited?” her father repeated.

“Who says i want to get married?” Ellette shouted as she stood up.

“Your the princess and its your duty to get married! Your getting married to the Prince of Elfina and thats that!” the king said angrily.

“But i hate him!”Ellette cryed.

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