Troubles Name Is Todd

I can NOT go down stairs again. Not matter how hungry I am and how many times my mother calls me, I will NOT go down stairs! “Get down here NOW !” My mother shouted at me All of the sudden I saw a face pop out from behind my door.
“C’mon cutie, dinner’s ready.” She giggled and left with the door open. Well she thought it was funny. Oh well.
I walked down stairs and to the table. “Now we can eat!” My mother nearly shouted.
“Okay mom.” I said and began eating. After I washed the dishes the doorbell rang. “I’ll get it!” I ran to the door. It was Todd, my best friend. We have known each other ever since he defended me in a fight in the first grade.
“Hey dude. What up? I heard you got a chick livin’ in your house. How come you didn’t tell me?” He asked and started looking around.
“Oh u-umm.” Just then she appeared from around the corner.
“Hey cutie.” She said to me. “Who your friend?”
“Todd Milkinson at your service.” She giggled and shook his hand.
“Oh, your soo strong” She said.

I was in trouble.

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