First Class

It was on the very top floor of the tallest, shiniest building around. From it, you could see a big green lady in the harbor, even though her arms were broken off.
The Elder’s name who was teaching it was Elder Jenkins.
“Hello, class,” he said politely, standing by his desk.
“Hello, Elder Jenkins,” we replied in unison. I was sitting by Ameye and Falnar. For some reason, Joulare was sitting behind me, even though I’d been certain she hated me.
“No, no, don’t call me that. I’m Mr. Jenkins.”
We looked at each other in confusion. Mr? What was that, anyway?
“Yes, of course, you don’t know what that is,” he said as if reading our minds. “But, you see…we are far more advanced than you would think. And this is what advanced people call each other. But, you see, these advancements only you shall see.Like, for example, our horses. And our school. And you, my young intelligent friends, have been chosen as the bearers of these secrets and the next leaders of the world.”

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