Why, I wondered to myself, was I not surprised that Joulare was not surprised? She merely raised her eyebrows. Everyone else gasped, mouths agape. I think Ameye even fainted. Personally, I spent most of the time looking in the shiny white board in the front, at Joulare’s reflection.
Meanwhile, Mr. Jenkins was passing out pieces of paper with numbers, names, and subjects on them. The handwriting was exact and perfect, every letter looking exactly the same.
Whoever wrote that, I thought sagely, must spend hours and hours practicing.
“These are your schedules,” said Mr. Jenkins. “Look at the classes, please. You should have Secrets, Math, Technology, Philosophy, Leadership, Physical Training, Music, Art, History A, and History B. If you don’t have any of these classes somewhere on this schedule please talk to me immediately.”
Immediately I felt in over my head. I didn’t even know what Philosophy was!
Behind me, Joulare snorted in disgust.

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