C U L8R: part 5

“I’m sorry Sir, but we have searched for 2 days now. There doesn’t seem to be anybody out of the ordinary anywhere near here.” says the police officer.

“Is there any way I can get a detictive or something? There is somebody out there instant messaging my daughter and she’s not been able to leave the house, nor does she seem to want to leave. Is there any possible way you can track them?” my dad said, trying to find some solution.

“I’m sorry Sir, but that is up to the company that runs her instant messaging. By all means you may contact them. I truely am sorry.” he said with a blank yet defeated expression on his face. He then turned on the heel of his boot and walked out our door.

We heard the car squeal all the way down the road until we could hear it no more.

?: i told you before – telling somebody will do nothing.

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