Leather Pants

“There’s nothing better than leather pants.”
I stared at him in absolute horror. “You can’t be serious!”
He glanced at me in the mirror and raised an eyebrow. “I’m serious.”
I felt the horror I felt growing. Not that I have anything against leather pants, but these were not normal. Number one they were forest green, number two they were really tight, and number three they made horrible squeaking noises when he walked around. Jerry was my best friend but I have to draw the line somewhere!!
“No. No! Absolutely not!”
“Come on, Ash…”
“No, Jerry! I am not letting you get those pants!” I cried.
“Come on…” Jerry repeated again, this time giving me the face.
His big green eyes were begging. “Please?”
“There is no way.”
Jerry had always liked outrageous stuff but this was going too far, way too far.
“Fine.” he said. “Are you going to the dance?”
I stared at him in complete shock.

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