Log-In Message Mystery

“Um, excuse me, do you know where Secrets is?” I ask a teacher desperately. She’s a girl teacher, which is unheard of in the village, but she seems very intelligent and modern.
“In here,” she says, smiling slightly. I flush and duck into the room.
Oh, great, I think. The only open spot is next to Joulare. Reluctantly I sit down. She looks both bored and intelligent at the same time-quite a feat. Personally, I scramble for my desk and log in. My keyboarding skills are still very poor, but I think I’m getting better. The screen glows unnaturally (to me, the computer will always be magic) and whirs as it shows my log-in message from Mr. Jenkins:
“Hey! You found Secrets. Yeah, it’s a tough class to find. Anyway, have a great day.”
Joulare snorts as she reads mine. Defensively, I glance over at hers:
“Remember, act normal. At least Jenkins didn’t blow your cover…not surprising, he’s an idiot. Anyway, meet in the subway station at 11 tonight, we’ll give you more directions then.”

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