Secrets in Secrets

Joulare looks at me angrily and hides her desk.
“What the…” I say, agape at this.
“Don’t tell!” she hisses fervently.
Oh yeah, I think, I could tell Mr. Jenkins. He told us if anyone was doing anything unusual, we should tell him and he would “take care of it.” I thought he meant like skipping class but…something bigger is going on here, I can feel it.
“Hmm…” I say, stroking my bald chin. “Only if you’ll tell me what’s going on.”
She glares at me for a few seconds. I evenly hold the stare, waiting for her to crack. Luckily, I just learned about Power Situations in Philosophy-she has everything to lose, whereas I have everything to gain.
Several seconds later, she frowns and looks away.
“Meet me outside your room at 10:30 tonight. I’ll explain,” she says in the softest of whispers.
Well, that satisfies me. I turn back to my desk and begin on today’s assignment: Explain why the car went obsolete when PRT ’s were invented.
Secrets in Secrets. Who’da thunk?

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