Entry 19

May 16, 2007

Decided to look deeper into the Paris hit, turns out to be some apartment block above an old Nazi bomb shelter. Could be something, but I don’t know.

The cellular theory idea, however, contains some interesting pieces of info. Dr. Kraig Mantinson, MD, PhD, all those other fancy titles that follow a name like that…

Anyway, found out…nothing much. Most of the site is restricted without a password, and the part that is shown has half of it edited out. Sentences like “Mantinson completed his work on in the year of.” On what? When? Sounds suspicious, but I’ll have to leave it be or now. I have no idea how to get in.

Another night of dreams, surely. They change just a little bit every night. One night, I’m at a beach. Another, I’m in a lab somewhere. And always, always, he’s there with me. But it ends before I can get a look of his face.

—Entry 19

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