Possible moments with Morris in early fall

So wonderful
He spoke the truth
He spoke the words
I recall I once thought would heal
Curing my illness of lovesick

Now I need us to be together
I cant stop and wonder
The remembrance of the fall
Its weather
Felt so nice by my skin
Comfortable, yet weezing for affection

I want us together
For a new season
In fall we will rise
Love starting to awake

Leaves crisp
Once fresh and green
Not yet faded
Just vaulderable to a touch
Their so easy to break

Amazing how fall can make
Me valunderable too
I just sense its warm energy
I set myself in it
Making a touch from you
Send me to my glory

Burn me up with passion
“Morris your the only one.”
Touch me now, touch me hard
Cant wait to sit by you
In fall

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