The Great Tree

Gnarled and twisted, the ancient tree towered over all others on the small island.

She was so old, that some say she witnessed the birth of the world. Of course he knew that to be nothing but childhood fantasy, but looking up at her he saw wisdom, strength, and beauty. He had a job to do, though, and he was intent to do it.

The first strike of the axe bit into the trunk of the great tree. The ground seemed to shudder a bit as he pulled the blade from the shattered bark. Suddenly his arms felt heavy and he felt the need to rest.

The soldier stripped off his white armor to lighten his burden and took up his axe for another swing. The sun’s noon rays where now just barely peeking through the trees canopy. The next swing sent splinters off wood through the air. Again the ground seemed to tremble.

Sweat gathered on his brow as he lined up and took another swing. As the blade struck the great tree he felt a stabbing pain in his heart. As he fell backward, the ground opened up to swallow him whole.

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