Thanks for letting this happen(It took two for this to happen)

In the beginning through imagination
We dreamed to be together
Almost together in action

In action
We never settle on our impulses
Our love makes us too dreamy

Our eyes meet
We thought we could last forever
But that kiss made it seem
Even more possible

Our first kiss was the reason
We cant touch any other
Our differences is the reason
We cant live with out each other
We wont allow seperation
From this relationship
Our love is the reason
My charm is too much to resist
Your humor is to hard to not miss

Keep me by your fire
Im alive in front of you
Once I was dead
Im awake now
You never saw in front of you
Me feeling ever so numb
Pain emerged to fast on me
Once before
Covering every place upon me

But hope let me see
Love can come true
I waited, and waited
Now love is true

Morris your the love
I once saw rescuing me
Our love is here to hold on to
Dont worry Im holding on
At the same time too
Feeling totally free

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