Thoughts on Cookies and Thievery

Mmm, just look at those cookies Mrs. Ward brought to the youth group dinner! Soft and buttery and chocolatey and warm…I don’t think she’ll notice if I take just one, do you? Oh, look at that top one…yum, and there’s so many nobody will notice at all.
“Excuse me, Laura, what do you think you’re doing? The dinner hasn’t started?”
“Hehe…just making sure there were no peanuts, Mrs. Dowdle. You know my sister’s allergic.”
Ah! Finally! The intruder is gone, and I am at last free to take my delectable dinner.
“Laura! What are you doing?”
“Hi, Mrs. Anderson…just seeing which ones have the most M & M’s, since they’re my favorite candy.”
“Oh. Well don’t touch them all then.”
Haha! None shall conquer my territory!! The cookie is mine! My Precious!!
“Er, hi Sister Ward.”
“Hi. Just taking these off to the kitchen with the other desserts.”
No! The cookie plate is leaving! It’s leaving me! Aah! No!! It…disappeared.
Soberly, I lick my fingers for the microscopic crumbs.

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