Rooftop Reconnaissance

The Caretaker stared in loathing as the two small figures below him headed for the tower. He looked back at the cowering Dr. Oblivion. Now his eyes were that weird green again.

“Brass Eagle will come to me,” he said, almost maniacally. “His friend will come as well. They are coming for me. I will not let them. I will give them some surprises so they won’t be able to get to me.”

Dr. Oblivion shuddered. The Caretaker had gone into states like these before, times when he was calculating every possible move and he spoke as if he were reading out of an I Can Read! book. Short sentences. Short but usually deadly.


Unseen by the Caretaker, one hundred feet up, Finn and Anonymous unlatched themselves from their harnesses, crouching low behind the entrance to the tower from the roof. Finn glanced at Anonymous.

“Now all we do is wait?”

Anonymous nodded.

“We don’t even know what’s in the copter! Sure, Brass Eagle did tell us that it might help us find out more about the Caretaker…”

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