The Flow? (Sequel to A Fallen Teardrop) JD Series

Just go with the flow was all I could think about after he fell asleep next to me.
“Just go with the flow? What the hell does that mean?” I thought to myself. “Is going with the flow just saying to just shut my mouth & listen to him like if he is my leader! Oh hell to the no! Who does he think I am? Some woman that just listens to her man like if he’s the king of the castle & doesnt say anything.Well this is my castle &I’m the fucking queen of it.”
“Jonathon, Get your ass up!”she said aloud.
He grunted.
“John get up, we need to finish talking!”
John turned over & looked at the clock to see that it read 6:51am.
“Denise, it has only been 4hrs, I need my sleep, can we do this later?” he mumbled.

“Fine. Good night,” she whispered in his ear.
She got off her bed and slipped her slippers back on and then left the room. John squited his eyes at Denise shadow walking down the hallway.

He whispered, “Shit.”

Denise walked into her kitchen and said, “If I want to keep him, I have to go with the flow.”

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