The Next Morning (Sequel to The Flow?) JD Series

Denise sat in her kitchen peacefully just thinking about everything that happened that night. She got up to make some homemade breakfast for her boyfriend.
“Good morning Denise.” said John as he walked down the steps. She looked at him & then smiled.
“Why are you smiling?” he said.
“Because I was thinking about everything you said last night & I agree with you.”
“What? Are you drunk? When do you listen to me?” he said.
“No I’m not drunk, its too early for that, well anyway, I’m sorry.”
“No its cool. So what are we eating today.?” he said.
“Pancakes, bacon & scrambled eggs.”
John took his plate & walked with Denise into the living room.He then said, “What are you doing? Why are you acting so strange?”
“I’m going with the flow.” she said.
“Yeah! I’m doing what you asked. I’m trying to be a good girlfriend. I want to keep you.”
“Denise, what I meant was that our relationship doesnt revolve around our great sex but other things. And you dont have to worry about everything.”

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