“Come in, Bellerophon, this is control, Do you read me? Over,” Mission Specialist Sato says into the microphone. The only reply he gets is static.

“Where the heck is she?” he asks no one in particular.

“She’s probably so engrossed in some find that she doesn’t hear you,” replies Mission Specialist Tagnot.

“What? Oh, yeah, you are probably right. I’ll give her another ten minutes before sending out the cavalry,” says, MS Sata, as if trying to convince himself that there is nothing wrong.

“Just to make you feel better, I’ll give outpost six a call to see if she was OK at her last refueling,” replies MS Tagnot as he picks up the phone and calls the outpost: “Outpost? This is MS Tagnot in control. Can you give me a SitRep on Crawler Bellerophone? Yes… I see.. Thank you, we will take it from here.”

MS Tagnot hangs up the phone and turns to his co-worker.

“The outpost was about to call us. Bellerophone never showed up, and by there estimates, she may not have enough energy to make it to dawn.”

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