Come What May, Pt. 9

“Good morning, Dreamâ€? he says, wrapping his arms around me in a hug. His hair is wet, and even curlier than usual. He’s obviously just gotten out of the shower, which would also explain his only wearing a towel. And now I’m pressed against his warm body in a hug. His skin feels warm and still moist. I pull away after a few seconds. This feels much too nice. My own boyfriend is taking a shower; I can be pressed against his warm, wet skin after he gets out and not feel guilty about it. I certainly feel more than a bit guilty about being pressed up against Oliver while he’s wet and warm and just wearing a towel… that is wrapped dangerously low on his waist… I snap back into reality, and pull away from Oliver. “I see you’ve obviously just gotten out of the shower. Do you want me to just come by when you’re dressed?â€? I ask, heading back towards the door. “Dream Willow Farrell, get back hereâ€?, he says, taking me by the arm. “I can dress with you in here. Just don’t look at me when the towel goes.â€?

Oh my god.

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