Come What May, Pt. 10

He giggles lightheartedly, as if it’s no big deal. He doesn’t have many, if any, inhibitions at all. I walk into his room and sit on his bed. He pulls a pair of black jeans from his suitcase and pairs it with a black tank top. Then he pulls out a pair of red briefs. Great, now for the second time in three days, I know what Oliver’s underwear look like. I’m praying that his towel doesn’t slip.

“You look tired. No sleep?â€? he asks me. “I think I got two hours of sleep. Oliver, I barely knew what my own name was, less known what city we were in, when Iâ€?- I pause as I see the towel whiz past me into a corner. Oh my god, the towel is gone. It takes all the power I have not to turn around.

“Keep talkingâ€?. Oliver says. “Um, I- I barely knew what city we were in when I woke up. Peter doesn’t let me, um… let me get a lot of sleep,â€? I stutter. Oliver laughs. “I’ll bet. By the way, you can turn around now if you like. I’ve got my undies on.â€? I turn around. He’s so hot. I just barely stop myself from saying it.

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