Come What May, Pt. 11

I wipe sweat from my forehead, and regain my composure in order to speak. “Ollie, that show you guys put on last night…that was nothing short of phenomenal. I sat there at the side of the stage and watched you guys in pure amazement. I’m so honored to be getting to share this with you all. I’ll seriously never forget this. I’ll be telling my grandkids about the time I got to go on tour with the greatest band in the world.â€? I stop talking. I’m beginning to babble a bit. Oliver blushes. “Thanks Dream. It’s nice to be sharing this experience with you too. You’re a great girl, and great looking too. Peter’s really lucky to have you.â€?

He finally pulls his jeans on, and I hand him his shirt. I’m a bit sad to see him putting on the rest of his clothes. As he pulls his shirt over his head, there is a knock at the door. “Ollie, is Dream in there?â€? It’s Peter at the door.

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