The Vigilante

“That psycho kidnapped her.” Ryan Nolls said as he pulled up his boots. His ex best friend Mark Miller had recently decided he was well enough to skip his medication, and now the rest of the city had to pay the price. Nolls paced around his apartment looking for a durable pair of gloves.

“Lucy never did a thing to him. Not one thing. If he wants to play games with lives, why use my sister?” Nolls already knew the answer. Miller had always been jealous of him; apparently so was his alter ego. Now that he was thinking and acting without reason, he was capable of anything.

A disturbingly scrawled letter was taped to his door with a smiley face. It said for Nolls to come alone to 1786 Smith St. at midnight, or Lucy dies. Nolls took one last look around his apartment, then pulled up a leather trench coat. As he walked out, he passed a muddy newspaper left in the street. The headline read “Costumed Lunatic Terrorizes City”. “Speak of the devil.” thought Nolls as he pulled a mask out of his pocket.

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