Come What May, Pt. 13

After the plane lands in Madrid, Peter and I go to the hotel, settle down for a few minutes, and then we, along with Oliver and Adam, venture into the shopping sector near the hotel. Will is nursing a bit of a hangover from drinking the previous night, so he stays at the hotel. Oliver and Adam go to the guitar shop, and Peter and I end up going clothes shopping again. Peter picks up a crimson red vest and pairs it with a black shirt and black pants. He looks like a handsome vampire, with his dark looks and dangerously sexy grin. Then his eyes land on a dress at the other end of the store. “Dream, that dress! It matches my vest exactly!â€?

It’s very short and made of a crinkly satin material. There’s black trim, a weird stiff slip under it that makes the dress set out, and little black ribbons going down the entire front. It’s not my type of dress. No, that’s being pleasant. I would never pick this crap out for myself. You couldn’t bury me in this little red torture chamber; I’d wake up and rip it off.

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