Come What May, Pt. 14

“Peter, baby… that’s not my type of dress.â€?

“Dream, it matches my outfit exactly!! You have to get it. We’ll look so great, matching like that.â€? I wrinkle my forehead. Peter runs his hand over my wrinkled brow. “Don’t want to do that, dear. You want to stay as pretty as me. Baby, just get it and wear it once for me. I’ll love you forever for it.” I roll my eyes. “Okay, Pete. I’ll get the dress. Geez…â€? He picks me up and kisses me. “Not in the store Peter!!â€? I say, playfully smacking at his shoulders.

“So where do you suggest, my love?â€? I roll my eyes again. “Well, maybe back at the hotel, in our room, away from probing eyesâ€?, I say, hinting at the many eyes on us. We look around. Every girl in the store has her eyes glued to us. They’re probably wondering what this strumpet is doing on their Peter, even though he’s the one who’s picking me up and swinging me around. I begin kicking, for him to put me down. He drops me, and I land on my rear. I hear snickers, including from Peter.

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