Come What May, Pt. 15

Peter reaches his hand out to me, helping me up. We make our way up to the counter, where an excited girl comes up to him and screams something in Spanish, and reaches into her purse for a pen and paper. She thrusts them at Peter, excitedly babbling, and he autographs it. After paying for our clothes (the dress is Peter’s treat; no matter how rich I am, I’m not paying for that ugly thing), we walk the five blocks back to our hotel. We’d somehow made it to the store only being stopped for an autograph six times, but this time, we aren’t so lucky.

Girls surround Peter. I lean against a wall, laughing at him. He looks at me with a helpless expression on his face, and I just shrug my shoulders. Looking down the street, I see a similar scene going on with Oliver and Adam. Oliver manages to break free, leaving poor Adam in the midst of the girls. Adam is a bit shy (unless he’s drunk), and would much rather go unnoticed than the other guys. “Ollie, where are you going?â€? Adam yells after a running Oliver.

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