Come What May, Pt. 16

“Peter, I’m taking your girlfriend back to the hotel!â€? Oliver yells as he grabs my hand. We sprint up the street, me with my shopping bags and him with his new guitar. People are screaming and pointing at us, obviously recognizing Oliver. “Note to self: use a disguise next timeâ€?, he jokes.

We make it back to the hotel, and into Oliver’s room. We shut the door behind us, and we both slide down the door, sitting on the floor. I absent-mindedly pull out a cigarette, and Oliver automatically snatches it from me and tosses it in a trashcan. I’m on too much of an adrenaline high to care. “Oliver…that was awesome!â€? I yell.He laughs. “It does give you quite a rush, doesn’t it? It can be fun sometimes, but half the time, it gets out of hand. Poor Peter, he gets molested by throngs of girls, and they go for my hair a lot.â€? I shake my head. “That’s terrible.â€? Oliver shrugs his shoulders. “We aren’t supposed to go around without the bodyguards, but I guess we stupidly thought we could get away with it this time.”

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