Come What May, Pt. 18

Oliver rubs his lips together, and smiles. Then we lean in for a quick kiss on the lips. It’s all supposed to be in fun. It’s only supposed to be a small peck on the lips, just enough so that some of his lipstick ends up on my lips. But the second our lips touch, something changes. His lips feel plump and soft against mine. He reaches up to touch my face, and the kiss goes on for longer than we intended it to.

After a couple of seconds, we pull away from one another slowly. We’ve just crossed a major line, and we know it. Oliver and I stare at each other intensely. Then he breaks the silence. “Um, rub your lips together.â€? I obey him wordlessly. “Yeah, it looks very pretty on youâ€?, he says, staring at my lips. Then he gets up from his seat, and grabs his black leather beret. “Uh…your lips feel as beautiful as they look, by the wayâ€?. “Yeah Oliver, so do yoursâ€?. I try to break the tension in the room with a little humor. “And that color is killer on you. God, you’re pretty.”

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