Realizing that I had just reprimanded the Elders, my mind began to fill with terrible thoughts. Valizar the Mighty grabbed my shoulders, and, as I gawked at him in fear, he yelled, “How dare you rebuke the Elders! Your brother was found climbing the Tree of Great Peace! Banishment is a minimal punishment for Disrespect of the Gods!”

“It is true, your brother has been quite mischievous, however, many times we have forgiven him.” Glorodel the Noble interjected. He nodded at Leon who was frightened in the presence of such greatness.

“But a few moons ago, he burnt down half of the crops, and you begged for our mercy,” Edewe the Wise added, “We gave him another chance with the understanding that you would be responsible. Now he has committed an unexcusable sin. Will you not be true to your word?”

“I never agreed to this!”

“Shall we check the records?”

“What penance must I do for one more chance?” I requested.

“No more chances!” Valizar replied.

“Now, now, let us here him out,” Edewe answered.

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