Katu-Nu (Part one: No more Shernassa)

Katu-Nu frolicked through the woods and meadows of Shernassa, without a care in the world.

At midday, he stopped to smell the flowers and gently pluck a groundfruit from its resting place. He then proceeded to consume it.

As he ate his middday meal, he pondered the mice and frogs playing near the pond.

There were no rats or toads in Shernossa, nor any “ugly” things. Yet, somehow, somewhere, deep in his subconscious, Katu-Nu remembered, vaguely, that thing called “ugly.”

- – -

Katu-Nu awoke with a start to a horrible screeching sound.

SCREE -SCREE-SCREE! it went on, irritatingly monotonous.

It split his ears, what horrible thing could possibly make such a noise? He looked around, everything was whites, browns, and blacks. White walls, brown table, black squares of things (One of which seemed to be the source of the horrible noise, so he promptly threw it away from himself.)

What was this place? Where were the plentiful colors of his beautiful home, Shernassa?

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