Black Hole for the Soul

This heart is a tiny, fully functional “Black Hole for the Soul™”. No manufacturer’s warranty, no retail price, just pure misery. Love is not allowed inside this black heart. Love is weakness. Love is heartbreak. Love is hate, eventually.

This heart should come with a warning. If cigarettes come with lung cancer warnings, this heart should come with ‘cancer of the soul’ warnings. I’ll warn you right now, stay away from this heart.

If you still choose to touch this heart despite my warning or accidentally come into contact with is, prepare to pull away before you lose your life in it. It will suck away your happiness and your hope. It will use you, weigh down on your soul till you pull away, and then, it will discard you and move on. Moving on is something this heart does extremely well. No regrets, no looking back, just searching for it’s next victim.

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