Battles Lost

After the whole Todd meets Jane thing we went up to my room. When I closed the door he spoke. “Man, she’s a Hottie. With a capital ‘h’. No wonder you want her for yourself.”
“Dude I don’t want her. She’s annoying.” I lied.
“Well annoying or not, hot’s hot. Anyway you totally like her. It’s like the least obvious thing ever.” Todd was getting smart now.
“I do not.” I said again.
“Do too.”
“Do Not!”
“Do too.”
“Do NOT !!” I shouted.
“Fine, whatever. If she’s not yours then I’m totally gonna take her! She already thinks I’m cute. See ya later dude, promised Dad I’d helped him wash dishes at the restaurant.”
“Bye.” I replied and he walked away. I want Jane so bad, but Todd can’t know that. And anyway he called dibbs on her so battles lost.

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