In-Character Survey: Leon from "Introductions," "Revelations," "Confessions," "Intrusions," "Confrontations," and "Negotiations"

Do you do laundry regularly?
Huh? what’s laundry? is it like a sword?

Your favorite piece of furniture?
Salim’s bed. much better than mine

Night owl/morning person?
Are you kidding? Night

Are there dishes in the sink?
sink? what’s that?

Color of your bedroom walls:
they’re made of deer skins

One wish you’d like to come true?
Salim didn’t get in trouble

Favorite tv show?
what’s tv?

Favorite movie?
movie? is that like a dance?

How many places have you lived?
me & Salim’s lodge

What did you do last night?
climbed a few trees, practiced with my dagger, teased Salim

Favorite subject in school?
Hey, I think I’ve heard of that! isn’t it a fish or something?

One word that describes you?

The best thing?

The last person you spoke to?

Parents married?
they’re dead

Salim, my big brother, he’s almost 15!

Are you a social person?

What did you have for breakfast?

Do you hate someone?

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