Dani had thought it was going to be harder on Monday, after breaking up with Logan. But she found that it wasn’t that bad, now that she was mad at him. She understood that he had every right to dump her, but to get with a new girl so quick??? Well it didn’t matter she was completely 100% over him. Or at least she thought she was.

As the final bell rang Dani closed her locker and slid her book bag over her head. She headed outside to the bike rack where she had parked her bike that morning. As she was unlocking it she saw Logan’s new girlfriend. But she was with that Evan kid, the one in her Science class. They were holding hands! What was going on?? Dani heard the school door close and she looked behind her. There was Logan walking down the steps. He spotted the girl and Evan. Dani expected him to become furious right then and there. But instead he smiled and shouted over to the girl.
“Hey cousin, over here!!”

Dani stood there, cousin…?!!!?

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