Will It Really Work?

My palms were sweating and my hands were shaking. Mitch,Sammy and Ken were standing behind me. “Just dial the number!â€? Mitch hissed. I slowy began to dial Ty’s digets.
“Hello.” Said Ty’s familar voice.
“Heyy.” I said sounding as close to Brixley as I could. “Yea well I was wondering if you could come a little late to our date?â€? I said a little because Teddy’s date was only scheduled an hour later than Ty’s and Ken already told Teddy that Brixley wanted him there fifteen minutes early we can plan it almost perfect.
“Okay, yea sure.” He said sounding really excited. It mad me sick thinking about his heart being crushed after this.
“Okay sweetie! Bye!” I shreiked into the phone.
“Bye suger buns.” I quickly hung up the phone. My voice shook the whole conversation.
“Linz, awesome!â€? Sammy shouted and gave me a high-five.
“Yea, cool.â€? Mitch and Ken gave me ‘the rock’. It hit me then that the plan actually got this far! Now all we have to do is make sure it like really works.

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