Icky Icky Freshmen: A Day in the Life of an Upperclassmen

Haha, look at those stupid freshmen. Can’t even find their way to the bathroom. What morons. I don’t think I was ever that stupid, even as a freshmen. I’ve always been smart, cool, calm, collected, pretty…the OPPOSITE of these freshmen, I might add.
Ughhh, I don’t get the math. Really, who cares about the math? I’m more interested in Josh. TOTAL eye candy. Ooh, he’s looking at me!!! I’ll wave. Hi, Josh. Why won’t he wave at me?? Why won’t he even smile??!!!
Yay math is over. What?? Why is he holding hands with that chick??!!!!! She’s so ugly. Loser Josh. And now I have to walk by him reaaaaaal slow cuz of the stupid freshmen. Why do they all have to use the main hall and clog it up? Don’t they know any other ways to go?? Gosh. And where the crap is room 504? I’ve never taken piano before. I don’t know where all that stupid music crap is. Gosh, this high school sucks. And those freshmen! Look at them, they don’t even know where they’re going!

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