“Jenny, what’s wrong? Why are you crying? I didn’t think tickling actually hurt or I would’ve stop-” I said, suprising myself how much I actually loved and cared about her.

“I’m sorry Tristan – I, I just can’t do this.” she said, and ran right accross the bridge like it wasn’t the most unsturdy thing in the world.

I sat there, confused as I would be in Honors Math. I felt so empty. I actually looked down to see if my lower half was there, because it sure didn’t feel like it. My legs and arms went numb after sitting there for an hour, trying to think what I could’ve done wrong.

One thing you did wrong was not chase after her..

I hate that stupid voice inside my head. I tried to lift my arm to hit my head so maybe that voice would go away, but it wouldn’t move, it was so numb. Numb. That reminded me of a song by Linkin Park.

Do do do do do.. I’m becoming this; All I want to do; Is be more like me and be less like you.

..oddly enough, that gave me an idea.

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