So I Did

”..What?” Brit says, obviously caught off guard for being interrupted in the middle of her sentence.

With my eyes I point behind me, giving her the signal that something behind me is horribly wrong. In this case, excruciatingly wrong.

Brit starts cracking up, which was bad. When Brit laughs – the entire class knows it. Now everyone looks at me, knowing that I can make almost anybody laugh. I make a hand gun, shoot myself in the head, and point with my eyes. Soon I’ve got the whole class cracking up. Apparently, when I get in a fight with somebody, everybody knows. Meanies.

“Excuse me, is there something funny that I’ve missed class?!” asks Mrs. Treplinds.

“No.” “No.” “No.” “HAHAHAH.. no.” we all reply eventually, recovering from our laugh attack.

“I thought not. Fifth row..” she said.

“I guess I can talk to you now, Brit. If Lauren doesn’t kill me first.” said Serina, and she laughs her little suck-up laugh.

Oh how badly I wanted to turn in my seat and punch her.

So I did.

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