When Time Stands Still

The clock is ticking, getting louder and louder in your head. You pace the floor, wall to wall, and back again.
You glance at the clock.
You wonder if time is standing still the hands haven’t move since the last time you looked.
Patience isn’t one of your best virtues.
You look at your watch, you start to pace again.
Where is the doctor you ask yourself?
He said it would only take a couple of hours. It’s been three.
Why want anyone stop to tell you what’s going on.
You reach out and tap the nurse, she looks at you and smiles.
She tells you, you have to wait for the doctor to talk to you.
You ask, well where is he?
He’ll be here as soon as he can, she says.
You sit down in the nearest chair, and reach for your coffee, spilling it in your lap.You slam the cup back on the table.
You think what if, you tell yourself to stop, nothings wrong.
It’s been the longest three hours of your life.
You decide to tell God you’ll do anything if.
The doors swing open, the doctor says it’s a girl

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