Plan A

Fond looked down as the shark tank lay silently below him, its contents gracefully slicing through the water. He was suspended from a metal chain, just inches from the water that would propel him to his doom.

Silvertoe looked at him with unconcealed malice. “So ve meet again, Fond, but ve shall no longer! Vinchinks!” The Asian drew up to him. “Put out ze flame!”

Flames sighed. This really was an unfortunate name he had had to endure, ever since his days at Eton.

He was pulled out of his reminiscence by a short jerking of the chain. He fell, down, down to the bloodthirsty fiends below.

Silvertoe smiled. Fond splashed into the tank, making miniature waves slop over the side.

Silvertoe frowned. Fond was treading water, the sharks paying no attention to him.

“Vinchinks! Plan A-2!”

“Right away, sir!”

Fond smiled as he reclined against the tank’s edge.

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