Teach me to Live [41]

Ritchie was sitting in the cafeteria in a daze. If drool could have been dripping from the side of his mouth, it would have been. When the cafeteria wasn’t serving meals, it was converted into a kind of…. fun room. Although for Ritchie it was hardly fun. He was sitting at one of the round tables in the corner staring at everyone. They were all so… brainwashed? Was that the right word? The interesting ones sat looking at the tv as though it were their savior. The others sat at empty tables doing nothing. Just staring off into space. Wasn’t the point of this place to get better? If walking out of this place means i have to turn into one of these guys, I’m gonna be here for a very long time. Ritchie thought. These guys were creepy. It was like someone else was controlling their mind. Or they had no mind at all…

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