Teach me to Live [42]

“Hey,” a familiar voice called. Ritchie was yanked out of la-la-land by someone he was glad to see. Sven! Maybe he could answer some of the trillion questions whizzing around in Ritchie’s mind!
“Hey, sit down.” Ritchie said non-chalantly. Sven pulled out a chair and sat across from him.
“So, why are you sitting here instead of sitting wth the other guys?” Sven inquired.
Ritchie laughed, “Why would i want to sit with them? They are walking corpses!”
Sven’s brows knitted together, “What makes you say that?” What was that in his tone? It wasn’t curiosity…. maybe… concern?
“Well, they sit around doing nothing, no one talks ot each other, they just stare off into space as if…. as if someone else was controlling them. They’re creepy lookin’.” Ritchie said. Sven seemed to think about this. When he answered Ritchie, his tone was icy and apathetic, odd coming from Sven who was usually warm and thoughtful.
“Go sit with the others.” he said, more as a command, and walked away. RItchie stayed in his seat.

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