Dismal DVD Days

“No, I do not know if it is a good movie, I’ve never seen it.” I told the sunburned, blonde woman at the counter. My job at the local movie rental store was begining to bug me.
“Is it suitable for children?” She pressed.
“Well, considering the ‘R’ rating, I’d say not.” I sighed. If you ever doubt the stupidity of the aveerage human, come do my job.
The woman walked out in a huff, muttering something about poor customer service as someone else walked in. His black hair was combed across his face, partially covering his purple eyes. He was pale, but not in a sickly way. He didn’t seem to walk. No, it was more like he danced.
He glanced at me, and fear struck me. But he didn’t seem dangerous.
After a little while, he walked to the counter, in his arms was every last film we had about vampires. “Doing some research,” he smiled.

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