What A Loser

Principal’s office. Well, I guess I kind of deserve it.. I punched her and actually broke her nose! I didn’t know I was that strong.. I think and start admiring my muscles.

“Lauren, I’ve decided not to call your parents.”

Dear God, I Love You So Much..

”..but you will need to go so our school counselor.” she said.

Well it’s better. Oh wait, that means she’ll bring Serina down too. Then we’ll have to tell her about the fight.

Dear God, please help Serina not bring up the cursing factor of our fight while we’re at the school counselor. Thanks, Amen.

As I’m walking down the hall, everybody gives me sympathetic looks. For my fans, I make the most scared yet sad look and run my index finger down my cheek to indicate a tear. They laugh, as expected.

There goes Serina, rushing down the hall, occasionally glancing back to show that we were racing.

What a loser.

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