First Day Writings

Most teachers will ask you to write what you did this summer. Other teachers will ask you to explain what you did this summer in front of the class. But not Mr. Klotin – he wants us to write our favorite songs for the summer.

I am in English right? Not music?

I get a few looks from my friends like “What the heck?!” and I return their confused look. Apparently, I’m supposed to know what goes on in this man’s head? No. I’ll even quote Corbin Bleu in High School Musical 1: “I don’t attempt to understand the [male] mind.”

Wow. That was random.

Wait, is he trying to find out what music we like compared to his? Is his the same genre of music? Does this make him one of those awesome teachers or what? And why 17 songs? Why not 15, or 20?

Ughh. English is confusing.

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