Blue Eye's

The doctor says, both mother, and child are doing fine.
You breath a sigh of relief and finally relax. It’s a girl, you say?
You can see them now, say’s the doctor.
You thank the doctor, he says no problem, go see your daughter.

You have to sit for a minute; the three hour ordeal left you exhausted. You collect your thoughts, and start your walk down the hall to the room.

You stick your head in the door, your wife smiles,
and says theres your daddy.
You walk over and kiss your wife; look at her she beautiful, just like her mother.

Your wife say’s, here hold her; you back up a little, then carefully reach for her.

She’s so small, pink, and wrinkled, look her eye’s, their blue.
You touch her hand, she grasps your finger, your whole thought process change’s.

You realize, your life has just changed forever.
Two is now three.

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