Arrival imminent, arrival imminent, arrival imminent.
I turned off the alarm and yelled to Tymmo, “We’re dropping out of hyperspace in 5 minutes!”
Tymmo stumbled out of his room just as we dropped out of hyperspace. “Are we in visual range of the Star?” He asked.
In answer, I turned on the main viewer to a sight that few people ever saw.
The solid crust had peeled of like the skin of an orange and the pieces were already collapsing underneath their own gravity, appearing to curl up into tiny silver spheres. These pieces were orbiting around a silver blob that almost seemed to be massaged by an invisible giant hand. This silver blob was emitting a glowing red gas that swirled around it.
“So, Tymmo, how much neutronium do you need to repay your source?” I asked.
He gulped and said, “I don’t need anything as easy to get as neutronium. What I need is found in the center of that.” He pointed at the silver blob in the center.
“Once more through the breach, my friend.” Said Tymmo.
I was truly afraid.

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