And I Knew She Was Gone

All I remember were the lights. The red, flashing lights that bore through my mind like a very cold dagger.

I remember the tears. I sobbed for what seemed like eternity, until there were no more tears left. My eyes stung for days after. But that didn’t matter. Not anymore…

I remember flinging myself at her. At her burnt body. I couldn’t see through the lights, and the tears, and the darkness. She wasn’t going to make it, was she?

I remember screaming. No, no, no…Not this. Anything but this. This isn’t happening. God, please help me. Help her. She didn’t deserve this. It should of been me…It should of been me!

But the blood on her closed eyelids was dark. Her charred limbs were blackened. How could any human being live through this? Please, no…No…

And I knew she was gone. The lights flashed red. The tears burned my skin. The flames that had taken her from me had died out long ago…

Died out just like she had.

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