Come What May, Pt. 21

We end up at the club about two hours later. Of course, the guys are getting a lot of attention, but none more than Peter. I’m bored, so Will and I get up to dance. We’ve only been dancing for about 2 minutes before about four girls come up to us and ask him for his autograph. They also begin flirting unmercifully with Will, who is extremely attractive, with his sky blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair. He gives me an apologetic look.

I stand on my tiptoes and give him a kiss on the cheek, then head over to the bar for a drink. I pull out a cigarette from my purse, but just as I’m about to light it, I feel a hand on my arm. It’s Oliver. He’s managed to escape the gaggle of fans now surrounding Peter and Adam at our table.

He walks around so that he’s standing behind me, and reaches around my body to take the cigarette from in between my lips. After tossing the unlit cigarette onto the floor, he playfully ducks behind me, putting his fingertips on my waist. “Hide me Dream, you can’t let them see meâ€?.

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