Come What May, Pt. 22

His lips are a centimeter from my ear, and I can feel his breath. It’s more than enticing. I forget everyone else in the club. For a moment, it is only Oliver and I. I turn my head slightly with my lips parted and eyes closed, ready to kiss him. He stands to his full height and comes around to face me. I remember myself, opening my eyes and closing my mouth. Luckily, he seems to not have noticed anything. “Want to dance with me? We might not get interrupted for a few secondsâ€?, he asks, putting his arms around my waist. I sway my hips to the music, and he matches my movements.

“You move really nicely, kind of like a dancer. You’ve sure got the body of oneâ€?, Oliver says in my ear. “Thank you. You move very well too“ I reply. His hands rest very low on the small of my back, and I wonder if Peter can see us. Still, I make no move to relocate his hands. “The crowd is clearing up a bit, thank Godâ€?, Oliver says, looking in the direction of the table at which Peter and Adam are still sitting.

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