Fritz and Zooey: A Shocking Discovery

Zooey took her time in the market down the street, tyring to find the perfect wine because Zooey was the wine connosieur of the apartment. She chose a bottle of merlot made somewhere in the depths of Canada and hurried back to the apartment.

When she got to the door, she could hear music playing behind it in the apartment. Fumbling for her keys and balancing the bottle of wine, Zooey tried opening the door. She walked slowly down the hall and stopped short in the the living room, her mouth gaping wide open at the scene before her.

Nasa and Fritz were making out on the sofa, clearly unaware of Zooey’s prescence. Mr. Williamson leaped onto Fritz’s back, clawing and sputtering wildly. It was only then when they realized Zooey was in the room. Zooey dropped the bottle of wine onto the floor, but it didn’t break, it just rolled towards the sofa slowly.

Mr. Williamson ran to Zooey meowing madly. She scooped him up and turned to walk out the door as Fritz and Nasa stammered excuses her way.

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